If you’re the owner of a tennis court, then you know that it’s essential to keep it in good condition. One way to do so is by periodically relying on a tennis court resurfacing contractor.
If you’re thinking about having your court resurfaced, here are some things you need to know.

What Causes Tennis Courts to Lose Their Appeal?

There are many reasons why tennis court surfaces begin to lose their appeal. Often, the most noticeable problem is damage from the sun and weather. If your court gets a lot of direct sunlight, it can cause weathering or cracks in areas with no protection from shade nearby.
Other times, problems come from the court’s use. If the court sees a lot of foot traffic over time, it can get scuffed and worn down.

How Resurfacing Can Help Your Tennis Court

Let’s start by defining resurfacing. Resurfacing is essentially redoing the top layer of your tennis court surface. That means that any damage, weathering, scuffing, or old materials can all be repaired to look brand new again.
The process for resurfacing a tennis court is relatively simple:
1. The repair phase is done where necessary, such as fixing cracks and other minor problems.
2. The top layer of the tennis surface is ground down to create a smooth surface for play.
3. The entire surface is given a coat of sealant that protects it from future damage.
Because resurfacing involves adding new top layers, it can actually be an economical option for you. While there might be some initial costs involved, resurfacing your tennis court will end up saving you money in the long run because it prolongs the life of your court’s surface.

Where To Find Tennis Court Resurfacing Contractors in SoCal?

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