It is very easy to extend the service life of your court through the services of tennis court resurfacing contractors such as Taylor Tennis Courts.

Outdoor courts require surfacing after a period of time. Factors such as weather, construction materials used, usage and if things such as damage or vandalism has occurred, all contribute towards the need for repairs or resurfacing.

Our company can also set up to do regular maintenance for your courts. Regular cleaning and performing small repairs before they become large play-ending problems is a crucial part of extending the life of your game court. For example, if your court has visible cracks, before any resurfacing can happen, the contractor will need to verify that the substrate is stable and leveling of the may be needed before the project can proceed.

If there are updates or cosmetic changes you want to make to your court, go over that during your initial consultation with your Taylor Tennis Courts rep. There are a large number of upgrades you can do that can make your court safer and decrease issues that wreck the surface such as standing water, mold or mildew.

Keep your tennis courts in great shape by letting Taylor Tennis Courts take care of cleaning, maintaining, and resurfacing your courts. We are your tennis court resurfacing contractors. If you need to add to your design, or need a new court installed, our crews can do that too. Contact us at (800) 558-3664 for more information.