With spring just beginning, avid tennis players are ready to hit the outdoor courts once
more with gusto. Court owners, however, are pressed to ensure that their court systems
have appropriate play speeds, a beautiful appearance, and are safe to use. Taylor
Tennis Courts’ tennis court resurfacing contractors can help you do precisely that at
fair and honest prices.

What can an experienced resurfacing team do for your game courts?

  • Extend your court’s lifespan. While resurfacing for tennis courts is recommended once every 4 to 8 years depending on maintenance needs and court conditions, this process can go a long way toward keeping your courts in good shape for decades.
  • Minimize water damage. Pooling water, damaged finishes, and damaged drainage systems can work in tandem to eventually ruin your court’s foundation. Resurfacing helps you get the most out of your outdoor courts without having to spend copious amounts of money and time fixing a damaged court foundation.
  • Make your court look and play like new. Resurfacing not only helps with function but also with the aesthetics of your courts. These pros take care of everything from striping to implementing colors of your choice to beautify your tennis courts.

Taylor Tennis Courts is a Southern California team that is always ready to provide local homes and businesses alike with tennis court resurfacing contractors who get the job done right the first time. Call (800) 558-3664 for more information or to get a no-obligation estimate.