If you love any type of sports involving a court, having your own can make all the difference in how often you get to play. Most folks know we can install a tennis court ground, basketball courts, and pickleball courts, but we can do so much more. Did you know we can put in a shuffleboard court?

Enjoy the Game of Kings

King Henry VIII enjoyed a good game of shuffleboard. He loved it so much he banned it from being played by “commoners.” Shuffleboard is something that can be enjoyed by all ages and doesn’t involve a lot of physical movement. Teams can play it, but it can also be played by just two people.

Professional Shuffleboard Installation

For the weighted disk to glide smoothly, the surface needs to be consistently flat and smooth. The outdoor court must be constructed to resist the weather. These courts are not as big as other game courts, so just about anyone can have one installed.

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