Are you looking for basketball court contractors in Southern California that can bring you a beautiful outdoor court? The Taylor Tennis Courts crew has almost four decades of experience in game court construction, including basketball courts. Whether you need an outdoor court for a sports club or your backyard, we can help make your plans a reality.

An outdoor basketball court should provide excellent traction, bounce, and durability to adequately withstand the elements while providing an ideal surface for play. Concrete is often chosen for basketball courts because it is smooth, consistent, and long-lasting. Concrete basketball courts are usually installed with a vapor barrier and sealant, as well as a rubber layer between the concrete foundation and the acrylic surfacing to improve shock absorption. Polyurethane can be added on top of the acrylic surface layer to enhance the court’s endurance and add an extra barrier for moisture.

A well-constructed basketball court offers more than just a place to shoot hoops. When you hire professionals to install your concrete or asphalt basketball court, we can ensure that it is built with the proper playing speed in mind to keep athletic endeavors comfortable and safe. Not only do we handle fresh installations, but we can also resurface your basketball court so that you can enjoy it for years to come.

When you need a home basketball court contractor that can get the job done right, the Taylor Tennis Courts team is just a phone call away from bringing you the best in basketball court construction. For more information on the types of game courts that we work on, or to get a free estimate on your basketball court needs, give our team a call today at (800) 558-3664