Do you need a team that can handle your basketball court construction in Southern California? Taylor Tennis Courts offers a whopping four decades of experience in constructing and resurfacing a variety of game courts. Whether you need a volleyball court, pickleball court, or even a multi-game court for your backyard or a local sporting club, we have you covered.

The most significant component that affects the playability of any game of basketball is the court surface, which should provide excellent traction and bounce while remaining durable for play. Outdoor game courts also need to be able to tolerate extreme weather conditions while factoring in moisture. Most of our courts are made with concrete topped with vapor barriers and rubber to provide shock absorption and bounce. A polyurethane moisture barrier for concrete courts helps to protect the surface from precipitation and other factors that would otherwise wear the court down more quickly.

We handle more than just building new courts for our clients. Over time, game courts inevitably wear down and need professional care from experienced craftsmen to look and feel as good as the day it was first installed. With our basketball court resurfacing, you can expect a polished, fully renovated court that has the proper playing speed for you to enjoy the game as it is meant to be played. We can also turn your pre-existing courts for other sports into basketball courts as needed. Whatever your needs are, we strive to accommodate you.

When you are ready for the best in basketball court construction and resurfacing in Southern California, Taylor Tennis Courts is only a phone call away from bringing you the results you need. For more information on our game court services, or to get a free estimate for your project, give our friendly pros a call today at (800) 558-3664.