Outdoor pickleball court construction can bring a lot of fun to your backyard. If you have pickleball fans in your family, now is the perfect time to have a pickleball court installed. Play when you want and as often as you want on your own court. If you are new to pickleball, here are some tips that can improve your game.

  • Stay in the ready position – if you move out of it while playing, get right back in after your shot.
  • Learn how to dink – beginners tend to learn long shots but dinking is a great advantage.
  • Dink early and dink as much as you can – It takes patience, but it can be a key factor in your game.
  • Improve your 3rd shot – This is the serving team’s second shot and can help you transition to the net.
  • Sync and communicate with your partner – this is vital in any sport you play with a partner.

Taylor Tennis Courts installs pickleball courts in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. We can install tennis and basketball courts or combination courts that allow you to enjoy two games on one court. For more information give us a call at 1-800-558-3664. Get your pickleball game on with your very own pickleball court.