While a tennis court is something that should last for years, like everything else, it can show wear over time. If your court is not taken care of properly, it will deteriorate even faster. At Taylor Tennis Court, we provide tennis court construction in California to both residents, public organizations, or private businesses. Here are some tips that can keep your tennis court in good shape:

  • Set Your Tennis Court Rules – Don’t let it be used for other things such as rollerblading or skateboarding. These types of activities can ruin your playing surface.
  • Remove Standing Water – Standing water can quickly damage your tennis court. Your surface should have a drain system, but if water does pool from heavy rain, use a push broom to remove it.
  • Simple Things Like Sweeping Help – You want to sweep your tennis court regularly. It should be swept weekly or any time there is debris on the surface.

If your tennis court is showing extreme signs of wear, it may be time to have it resurfaced. To double your fun, we can add a pickleball court on the tennis court too. Give Taylor Tennis Court a call at 1-800-558-3664 for all your tennis court construction in California needs.