It might challenge you to choose the most suitable tennis court surface if you upgrade your tennis court. It’s because of the broad range of modern tennis court surfaces that dominate the market. Your best bet would be to enlist an expert tennis court builder to assess critical factors like your location, climate, style, player preferences, and budget. Check out some of the strategies you can use.
1. Weighing Factors That Might Favor Your Tennis Court Surface
An excellent and highly functional tennis court comprises various characteristics such as speed, ball bounce, and surface ease on a player’s body. Some of the considerations are:

  • How fast the surface speeds up the tennis ball
  • The ball bounces in terms of height after it hits the surface
  • How hard/ soft the texture is on a player’s body
  • A tennis court surface’s maintenance requirement

2. Consider the Intricate Features of Each Tennis Court Surface
There are various types of tennis court surfaces, each of which has unique characteristics. Here is an example:

  • Grass tennis court: this surface type comprises special features such as a fast pace and soft cover. The ball bounce is low and requires high maintenance because of the need for regular watering and mowing to keep the grass in pristine condition.
  • Clay tennis court surface: the features of this tennis court include a slow pace because of clay grittiness and high ball bounce. The court surface also has high traction. Compared to grass tennis courts, clay courts are less costly in terms of building materials. However, maintenance is still high because of the rolling and flattening requirements after each playing session to remove the marks. Still, they are popular because they are ready to play even after rain as they absorb water quite fast.
  • Hard tennis court surface: as the name suggests, one of the critical characteristics of this court is the hard surface. The court also has a medium-to-fast pace and is a low-maintenance type. The concrete or asphalt base makes it easy to maintain and doesn’t take a toll on a player’s body.

It’s important to carefully select a modern tennis court surface that is player-friendly and low maintenance.
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