Getting your brand-new tennis court

If you’re considering having a tennis court installed on your property, the first thing you’ll need to figure out is whether or not you have enough space.

A regulation doubles court surface dimension will measure 60 feet by 120 feet.

You’ll also need to find out whether your plans meetthe zoning requirements for your city before you start.

That’s why you need a pro tennis court builder like us. Taylor Tennis Courts has been in the business of making tennis courts and other game courts for over 35 years now. Our team can lead you through the entire process of building your new court, from planning and zoning to construction, maintenance, and more.

The use of premium materials, surfaces, and our professional construction standards during your build, also means you can wait longer between resurfacings, so it pays to use professional tennis court builders.

At Taylor, we build tennis courts made to last.

Types of court surfaces

When it comes time to choose, you’ll have a choice between four types of court surfaces.

They vary in comfort level but also have differences in installation costs, as well as differing maintenance and care considerations. For example, grass courts are more comfortable to run on but obviously will wear faster than carpet or hard courts.

  • Grass
  • Clay
  • Carpet
  • Hard court

Resurfacing and care of the court you already have

Changes in weather conditions, from season to season will require that you get your court resurfaced every few years.

Also, not surprisingly, the amount of use your court gets will determinehow quickly it’ll need to be repaired or resurfaced.

Here at Taylor, we have 5 crew teams available to help you refurbish or resurface your court so you don’t have to wait.

Some tips to help you extend the life of your court

  • Don’t allow water to pool or stay on courts for extended time
  • Have it professionally washed occasionally to ensure unseen dirt and debris don’t cause damage to it
  • Clean up any leaves or other dirt and debris that can degrade your surface

For more information on your next project, contact Taylor Tennis Courts, Inc. today.