Pickleball might be a lesser-known sport than tennis, badminton, and ping pong, but it’s equally as fun and engaging. Created from a combination of those 3 activities, pickleball has been steadily increasing in popularity since its invention about 50 years ago. It’s played with its own set of pickleball equipment – large wooden paddles and a hollow polymer ball covered in holes. The pickleball court is about one-quarter of the size of a tennis court, and since Taylor Tennis Courts specialize in building multi-game courts, we’d love to build a new tennis pickleball court on your property this summer!

By combining your space to facilitate a variety of physical activities, you’ll be able to get even more use out of it and your family will never get bored. Like tennis, pickleball can be played year-round, and indoors or outdoors. You can play singles or doubles, allowing up to 4 people to enjoy the game at a time. What sets pickleball apart, however, is how simple and easy it is to learn – which makes it great for kids! Also, the smaller court size, lighter equipment, slightly lower net height, and the average time for a game is less than an hour.

Since the court is significantly smaller than a tennis court, there’s a lot less strenuous movement involved. This feature makes the game more accessible for people of all ages and athletic levels. In fact, the average age of a regular pickleball player is 55 and up. Seniors and people with mobility issues or joint sensitivities have embraced this sport because it allows them to improve their physical fitness, be consistently active, and spend time outside which is essential for mental health.

If you’re interested in more information about how Taylor Tennis Courts can build a tennis pickleball court for you, please give us a call!