There’s no question that some of the busiest public spaces at this time of year are the local tennis courts. It makes sense considering tennis is one of the oldest and most cherished competitive sports. People have been playing variations of the game since it was invented by monks in France about 1000 years ago. Not only that, but tennis is also one of the few sports that can be played throughout your lifetime, regardless of age.

As long as you keep yourself in relatively good shape there’s no reason to stop playing. Overwhelming evidence of the benefits of physical activity for all ages can be found with a simple internet search or a meeting with your family doctor. Depending on your physical condition, you might slow down a little bit or need to take a few more breaks, but tennis is a game of technical skill more than a display of athleticism and strength.

Sports injuries are more of a risk for older adults. Staying active and not overexerting yourself is the best way to prevent things like tennis elbow, rolled ankles, weakened joints, or dehydration. Playing your favorite sport on a regular basis is the best way to ensure your health and safety on the court. Having your own tennis court would be ideal.

Tennis is fantastic for adults at any stage in life because it allows you to socialize while participating in a competitive, contactless team sport. People of varying degrees of fitness can still enjoy the game and participate without feeling incompetent. For these reasons, it’s no surprise to see groups of friends waiting their turn at the tennis courts when they get busy.

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