The 4th most popular sport in the world has become even more relevant in the last few years. Globally, people of all ages and cultures have embraced tennis as the ideal team sport for social distancing. Since 2019, this competitive game has seen increased participation by over 27%. If you have the space and capital, investing in a tennis court is a fantastic decision to make and we have a team of experts in tennis courts construction in LA who can make that happen for you.

Taylor Tennis Courts is a family-run business that has been building, resurfacing and repairing tennis courts for almost 40 years in Southern California. We’ve stood the test of time because we’re resilient and able to consistently meet the high standards of our customers, just like the tennis courts that we build.

Being in California means that we are able to work year-round on our construction projects, so whether you call us in May or November we’re ready to start work on building you the tennis court of your dreams. Once our engineers have assessed your property and all the paperwork is done, the space you’ve chosen for the court will be excavated and laser-graded, leveled, and professionally compacted. Following that will be the asphalt or concrete layer installation. If using asphalt, it will need several weeks to cure and settle. The acrylic painting will be done next and will need a few more weeks to be completed and cured, but after that, your new tennis court will be ready for a lifetime of smashes and volleys.

If you’re still considering your options for tennis courts construction in LA, give Taylor Tennis Courts a call and let us do an estimate for you. Our specialists will walk you through the entire process and answer any questions you have.