If you own a tennis court at some point, it will start showing wear and tear from all the playing. Your tennis and basketball court are liable to wear down faster if you do not have regular maintenance. For maintenance or resurfacing, you want a professional tennis court resurfacing company with a solid reputation for getting the job done right. Taylor Tennis Courts has that reputation and experience. We can take care of all your game courts with installation, repair, or maintenance.

Signs You Need Resurfacing

If you are not sure if you need your tennis court resurfaced, some indications tell you. Have the lines on your court begun to fade? Do you have water pooling on the playing surface rather than draining? If so, it is time for help. Other signs include:

  • Slippery surface
  • Cracks and damage to the substrate
  • Mold or mildew on the surface

Any type of microbial growth, such as mold, spreads and destroys the court. That situation should be addressed immediately. Once you schedule your tennis court resurfacing, you should also get on our maintenance schedule. Regular attention to the court means longer life and helps with the safety of the players. We are ready to add new life to your tennis playing. Contact Taylor Tennis Courts at (800) 558-3664.