Tennis Court Resurfacing

Want to improve the condition of your tennis court? It’s time to have your tennis court resurfaced!

Tennis court resurfacing is an effective way to improve the playability and appearance of your court. Here’s what you need to know.

The Process of Tennis Court Resurfacing

The process of resurfacing a tennis court has two phases. Phase one is also known as the repair phase.

During this phase, any cracks or damaged areasare repaired. Over time, cracks and uneven spots develop in tennis courts. As water enters these damaged areas and freezes and thaws, it erodes the court and makes the damage worse.

Any debris must be removed from the cracks before they’re repaired. It’s essential to hire a company experienced in resurfacing tennis courts to ensure the cracks are properly cleaned and dried before they’re fixed.

Tennis court resurfacing repairs damage before it can impact the structural integrity of the court.

Phase two is the surfacing phase. The surfacing phase involves leveling the tennis court and adding a new layer of acrylic coating.

An acrylic coating layer produces the correct court texture and adds protection to the damaged areas.

The surface of the tennis court receives new layers of paint to lendmore protection to the repaired areas and to protect the court in the future.

New paint dramatically improves the appearance of the court. The surfacing phase will also include new lines so that your court has strong color contrast.

The Benefits of Resurfacing Your Tennis Court

It’s essential to resurface your tennis court every four to eight years. This fixes cracks or uneven spots before they get large enough to affect the base of the tennis court.

Once the tennis court’s base is damaged, the tennis court will need more intensive, costly repairs.

Regular resurfacing also ensures that your tennis court provides sufficient shock absorption for your players. This decreases their risk of injury and accidental falls.

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