If you enjoy the game of tennis, you most likely play as often as you can. It’s a great way to exercise, stay fit, and burn off stress. If you have your own courts, then you know constant playing means a lot of wear and tear on the surface. Local community or school tennis courts can really take a beating. It’s no fun playing on a court that has cracks and rough spots. There are many tennis court resurfacing companies out there that can help, but Taylor Tennis Courts is an excellent choice.

Extend the Life of Your Game Court

Resurfacing your tennis court can extend the life of the surface. Preventative maintenance is the best option. Waiting until cracks appear or the surface is severely faded can lead to more extensive problems. Routine resurfacing saves time and money in the long run.

Knowing When to Resurface

Not every court gets the same amount of wear. The weather in your area has an impact, as does the court usage. Our company would be glad to consult with you on how often to have your tennis court refurbished.

Upgrading Your Game Court

If you are looking to put in a game court, Taylor Tennis Courts can install not only tennis courts but other game courts such as pickleball and basketball. We can even design an upgrade and add new features to your current courts.

Ready to Go

Our crews hit the road every day, providing service to some of the best tennis courts in town. Our satisfied customers trust us to maintain and care for their courts. A well-maintained tennis court is a safe court. Tennis court resurfacing companies are available all over Southern California, but only one provides the service Taylor Tennis Courts does. Call us today at 1-800–558-3664 to get a free quote.