Naturally, outdoor game courts wear and tear because of exposure to the elements, usage, and poor maintenance. A rough and uneven playing surface can cause an unpleasant experience during play on your game court. But experienced tennis court resurfacing experts can provide solutions to help fix recurring issues on the playing surface.

What Do Game Courts Resurfacing and Repair Experts Do?

Here are three common multi-game courts problems that resurfacing and repair experts can help you solve:

1. Structural Cracks
Cracks and fractures on tennis or multi-game courts can expose players to health hazards. Tennis court resurfacing services examine the court base to ensure structural integrity before adding surface layers. With a hard court, the structural layer may include fiberglass reinforcement, a plexipave acrylic playing surface system, and concrete patching.

2. Low Spots
These are puddles on hard court surfaces that hold water longer than necessary and do not drain correctly because of drainage and paving errors. Patching birdbaths is a complicated and time-consuming process. You need expertise and quality acrylic patching material to get the job done right. Tennis court resurfacing experts repair uneven lawns to enable water to spread evenly on the surface and evaporate naturally.

3. Fading/Discoloration
Because of regular exposure to heat and sun, your game field can discolor quickly. Dirt and contaminants can also tarnish the color of your surface. Extreme surface color fading gives your tennis court a dull and uninviting look. Certified contractors such as Taylor Tennis Inc. use the latest materials and techniques to refurbish discolored surfaces. A resurfaced game field looks as good as new, and you can select from over ten color shades, one that suits your style.

Scheduling maintenance for your tennis court regularly to remove dirt, mold, and mildew can lower the refurbishing costs and help make your playing field look newer for longer. But every 4-5 years, your playing game can develop cracks and drainage issues. Top tennis court resurfacing experts from Taylor Tennis Court Inc use quality acrylic material with innovative shock-absorbing qualities to resurface and refurbish multi-game court in Southern California.