Tennis Court Resurfacing

Tennis Court Resurfacing 26 Miles Across the OceanTaylor Tennis courts have been the pioneer in indoor and outdoor game court resurfacing field for many years. The dedication and passion towards their work have led them to undertake and complete impressive tasks around the country. Every one of their project shows their immense care towards the work and the dedication that they have put into completing it.

Tennis court resurfacing and basketball court resurfacing only showcases a glimpse into what Taylor Tennis Courts construction can do as they have developed numerous game court from scratch along the length and breadth of the Southern California. The professionalism they carry in their field of work has widened their clientele broader than ever before. This is the reason why Taylor Tennis Courts were asked to put a bid on a tennis court resurfacing court in Catalina in California.

Taylor Tennis Courts at Catalina!

Sounds simple, right? Well, to put the project into perspective, Catalina is situated 26 miles off the coast of California. Taylor Tennis Courts were approached to bid on an outdoor court resurfacing project. This generous offer was responded to by Dave Taylor, one of the partners of Taylor Tennis Courts. He flew to Catalina on a commercially chartered helicopter. Upon reaching Catalina, Dave was greeted by the manager of the tennis club staff. After carefully evaluating the problem at hand and taking all the variables into consideration, Dave flew back with a picture in his mind of what needs to be done at the Catalina tennis court.

He prepared the bid for their outdoor court resurfacing which was more than acceptable to the management at the tennis club. Without further delay, the team at Taylor Tennis courts sprung into action. The materials and equipment were shipped to the worksite via a barge. Special care was given to ensure that the construction materials do not get damaged while in transit. The crew was brought in on a cruise ship, and they began to work their magic at Catalina. The work was completed in the next two days, and every single job was inspected to ensure top-notch workmanship and everything marks up to Taylor Tennis Courts standards. The equipment was shipped out on a barge, and the crew was brought home safely.

Another Great Feat with Taylor Tennis Courts

Taylor Tennis Courts have set a benchmark, regarding the facility that each construction service must provide to their customers. Whether you need your outdoor game court resurfacing done offshore, in the mountains or in the deserts of California, Taylor Tennis Courts have the best-in-class equipment and workforce to get the work done in time and that too with immaculate perfection. If you have a project that needs tennis court resurfacing or basketball court resurfacing, Taylor Tennis Courts are more than capable of furnishing the dream court you have in mind. The engineers and team members at Taylor Tennis Courts are trained to tackle the hardest of situations by coming up with creative and feasible engineering solutions.

With each completed project, Taylor Tennis Courts are proving that they give great value to their customers and go to extreme lengths to garner customer satisfaction. If you have a specific project in mind, call 800-558-3664 or request a quote through our Contact Us form!