Tennis courts will undoubtedly show signs of damage over time. Of course, all sports surfaces will. And while poor installation can contribute to the defects, temperature cycles, overuse, and freeze damage can potentially damage even the best courts.

Cracks, puddles, and depressions are signs that your court needs repair. You may not need to act fast and not wait until the end of the season, as these signs will not only slow the speed of the game but are also a trip hazard. Besides, you do not want to rob the players of the conditions necessary for a thrilling game.

And this is where you will need to consider tennis court repair over a complete resurfacing!

Common Tennis Court Repairs

Ideally, a detailed tennis court repair may include one or more of the following;

Recoating- This is one of the quick fixes that will enhance the appeal of your tennis court. Recoating comes in handy when lines and colors of your court fade due to wear and tear or environmental reasons.
Filling Cracks- Notably, cracks can cause injuries and probably lead to the closing of your court. Crack sealants, fillers, and patches are used for repairing uneven spots, cracks, and depressions on concrete and asphalt tennis courts.
Fixing the Drainage- Another repair procedure worth considering urgent includes fixing the court’s drainage system as pools of water will interfere with the game speed and cause injuries. You may also need to remove fungus, algae, moss, and other growths when you fix drainage issues.

Why You Need a Professional Tennis Court Repair Company

Indeed, it is possible to make minor tennis court repairs by yourself. However, the quality of your work could be questionable, particularly if you do not have any professional experience. A professional company like Taylor Tennis Courts has the knowledge to choose the suitable materials for your court repairs and experts to do an outstanding job. Our repairs will last you years! Call us today for your free quote.