If you are looking forward to constructing a tennis court in your backyard, here’s what you need to know:

#1: Tennis Court Location
Will a tennis court that measures 18, 27 meters by 36, 57 meters fit on your property? There also needs to be adequate access to your court via roadways to deliver all necessary supplies. It’s challenging to construct a tennis court in an inaccessible area.

When deciding where to put the court, you should also consider how the weather changes. An east-west orientation is preferable for the court. That’s because the sun is in a better place from the players’ point of view.

#2: Consider How Often You Hope to Use Your Tennis Court
First, evaluate how seriously you take tennis. It is essential to consider how often you’ll use a private court before investing in its construction. Also, consider your level of interest in tennis before committing to constructing a backyard court. If you have your court, you’ll probably use it more regularly. Your social circle expands to include neighbors and other residents.

#3: Full Price Tag
The overall cost of your home tennis court:

  • The code requirement for local authorization.
  • The price of employing a contractor, purchasing necessary equipment, etc., for excavating and building.
  • The surfacing material
  • Installation and Fencing
  • Windscreens
  • Lighting
  • Backboards
  • Tennis equipment, including net, posts, and ground sleeves.
  • A shed. It could help store equipment and the net during the off-season.
  • Some chairs and cabanas for the court.
  • Tennis court repair and upkeep costs are in-house or by a hired professional.

Affordable Tennis Court Repair and Construction Services
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