Installing a tennis court can be a long and laborious process and extremely rewarding. Installing a new tennis court will take several days for the typical commercial contractor to complete and involve multiple work crews. Here are some quick tips to help you in the installation process.

Select the right type of court for your needs.

There are many types of courts, and the one you choose depends on the intended use. Outdoor hard courts typically last about ten years before requiring resurfacing. This is where the idea of an Indoor/Outdoor court comes into play, as it can be used year-round. There are also clay courts, not as common anymore but still very popular in Europe.

Determine how much space you have to work with

The court will need a minimum of 12 feet in width and 20 feet in length to install. However, the wider the court is installed, the less time it takes to resurface or overlay the court. There is also more surface area for players to play on. If you’re looking at an indoor court, these measurements will be slightly different, but typically not by much.

Plan to avoid the summer heat

If you’re installing during the hot summer months, it can be difficult to maintain an even temperature of the base materials for installation. This causes problems with adhesion and drying time of asphalt or rubber (if used), which will result in wrinkles and other issues like puddles on the court. This can be time-consuming to correct if it’s even possible to correct at all. If this is your situation, try to install it in the cooler months of spring or fall.

Resurface before Overlay

If you’re considering an overlay, make sure you have enough life in the asphalt, sand or rubber to warrant that. An overlay will typically require up to 2-3 inches of material, more if you want an added cushion on the court. Resurfacing requires sanding down to about 1/8″, so keep that in mind when planning your project.

Select the right team for your tennis court installation

Installing a new tennis court can be both time-consuming and challenging, but in the end, it usually pays off. Taylor Tennis Courts offers full installation and repair packages for courts of all levels. Get in touch with us for a quote today.