Tennis Court Construction for Municipalities & Sports Club

There were over 85 million people playing tennis globally as of 2017. Additionally, there were approximately 700 million people viewing WTA events in 2019 alone. The numbers keep growing with each passing year. And as the sport grows in popularity so does the need to have state-of-the-art tennis courts.

Good tennis courts make it easy for recreational players to enjoy their time. They also allow newbies to develop a liking for the sport. Such courts prevent injuries and decrease the rate at which tennis balls get worn out. They also offer an excellent setting for viewers or spectators.

Choosing the right tennis court surface

There are four main types of tennis court surfaces. They include grass, clay, carpet and hard-court surfaces. Understanding the pros and cons of each surface is key to determining the most appropriate for your home, municipal property or sports club.

Carpet surfaces – Carpeted surfaces are less demanding with regards to maintenance. They are an inexpensive option ideal for playing fast-paced volleys.

Hard surfaces – These are also a low-maintenance option. They are ideal for different types of players including beginners.  This type of tennis court allows people with different playing styles to enjoy the game.

Clay surfaces – Tennis court surfaces made of clay are both durable, easy to construct and to maintain. They are a low-impact option meaning they tend to be kind to the human body. Anyone can play on these courts regardless of age.

Grass surfaces – Tennis courts made of grass are quite comfortable and easy on the player’s joints and legs. They are ideal for individuals who enjoy playing without the high volleys.

Pick the best tennis court builder

Regardless of the type of surface you wish to have, the construction work must be done perfectly. Taylor Tennis Courts has been building top quality courts for years. The company also offers repair, maintenance and upgrade services.