Installs by tennis court builders are long-lasting and low maintenance. Proper maintenance can extend the life of your tennis court. Here are some ways to maintain your tennis court’s surface and lengthen the time it lasts before resurfacing.

Tip 1: Regular Cleaning
Cleaning once every month is ideal. Keep an eye out for signs of mildew or mold in dark, damp places where organic material has accumulated. Vacuuming indoor courts regularly and wet cleaning with a mild detergent mixture and soft bristles equipment at least once a year is recommended.

As acrylic coatings do not promote fungal growth, mold or mildew indicates the presence of food and drink spills, decomposing debris, or other foreign items on the surface that nourish the organisms.

Tip 2: Get Rid of the Pooling Water
Your court will get cleaner after a rainstorm. However, stagnant water attracts dirt, settles to the bottom, and becomes visible as blotches and debris. That generates abrasion on the court like sandpaper does when players walk across it. Get in the habit of regularly draining pooling water.

Tip 3: Preventive Measures
Put up signs or banners with the “rules” of the court at the entrance and in the court area. You can find some recommendations below:

  • Please wear only court-safe tennis shoes.
  • No wheels of any kind.
  • Only water is allowed on the field of play, and no food, gum, or other beverages.
  • Don’t dredge the floor with heavy furniture.

Protect the court surface from chair legs and other equipment with padding. Fix benches and other long-term fixtures to the ground using anchors to avoid accidental damage. To avoid damaging the court, maintenance vehicles should wait until it is safe to drive on it.

Tennis Court Builders Maintenance Services
Professional tennis court building and maintenance are a specialty of Tennis Court Builders. We have constructed a wide variety of sports fields for both public and private establishments, including gyms, schools, and country clubs. Our experts use premium supplies and cutting-edge methods to ensure your tennis court is in tip-top shape.