Sport court resurfacing is undoubtedly beneficial. Besides being one of the maintenance practices you can perform on your sport court, it also lengthens the court’s life and reduces your chances of having injuries as you play.

But how do you know it’s time for a sport court resurfacing? What other benefits can sport court resurfacing bring to you? Read on to find answers to these common questions.

Sport Court Resurfacing Is Beneficial

Sport court resurfacing can add value and life to your court. You can use your well-maintained sport court as an entertainment zone and a sporting zone.
Sport court resurfacing also minimizes your chances of getting injuries and the fatality of the injuries if they occur. You’ll no longer trip over cracks, bubbles, or tears on your sport court. It can make your sport more enjoyable.

Sport court resurfacing also gives you more game time. Even during the rainy seasons, you’ll not have to worry about poor drainage. Your puddles will clear quickly, enabling you to get back to the court as soon as the rain stops.

It’s Time for a Sport Court Resurfacing If:

  • You can see rips, tears, or cracks on the playing surface
  • Water is pooling on your court’s surface or not draining properly
  • Your court has faded
  • Your court has surface bubbles
  • Mold and mildew keep regrowing frequently

So, if you have noticed any of the above issues at your sport court, it’s time for a sport court resurfacing. Waiting a little longer can cost you more in the long run. Besides, regular maintenance like clearing debris out of the drainage points and treating weeds, moss, and mold immediately can increase the time between your sport court resurfacing.

Permanently remove sharp objects from your court, and seek immediate help to repair tears or lifts and rips to enjoy all the benefits of having a sport court. Do you need a sport court resurfacing? Contact us today for professional assistance.