With warmer weather coming to Southern California, game court construction may be a consideration for homeowners looking to upgrade their property and find more ways to spend quality time with family and friends.

Whether you want to install a new tennis court or basketball court, Taylor Tennis Courts is happy to help you decide on the best options for your needs. Our teams have taken care of game court construction for homes, businesses, and government facilities alike, and we are proud to serve the community with long-lasting sporting areas that people can enjoy for years to come.

If you want to have a game court installed in your backyard, make sure to consider the following:

Choose a sport (or sports).

Half-courts or full courts are fine. Both tennis and basketball can be played on half-courts. If you want to pack more games into one space, consider a court striped for a couple of different games.

Learn about local zoning regulations.

Before we can build a court, we need to obtain permits that allow our teams to do this. This is because court construction involves a lot of excavation and leveling of land to ensure that the concrete base for your court is properly installed. We can ensure that every step of the process is done to code.

Figure out where you want the court.

While we can help you choose a location for your court, the area must be suitable not just because of regulations, but also due to the needs of a game court. Courts with concrete bases need an even surface that is built for adequate drainage, shock absorption, traction, bounce, and playing speed.

In short, not only would a tennis court installation need to comply with zoning regulations, but it should also be USTA-compliant.

Taylor Tennis Courts contractors have provided the community with the utmost in game court construction in Southern California for four decades. For more information about what Taylor’s experts can do for you, or to get a quote for your game court needs, you can call our team at (800) 558-3664 today.