When you’re looking online for “tennis court resurfacing companies near me,” there are several considerations before you make a decision. Some of the signs your game court needs resurfacing include:

While resurfacing is recommended for your courts every four to eight years, your court has ways to tell you that servicing, repairs, or resurfacing are needed, such as:

Cracks on the surface of a court are a telltale sign that it’s time to call in a resurfacing expert for an estimate. It is essential to maintain a court that can properly drain water. When it can no longer do that, it means something has gone wrong with the surfacing. When standing water occurs, it can lead to microbial growth. When mold and mildew enter the picture, they can eat the court material, causing deterioration and create safety and sanitary concern. Hard to see paint and striping on the court surface should be repaired or resurfaced.

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