Professional Tennis Court Resurfacing Companies: What They Do

Professional tennis court resurfacing companies provide the necessary service to keep courts in top shape. The services include repairing existing courts, as well as installing new ones. Tennis court resurfacing companies specialize in resurfacing, which involves smoothing out and leveling the playing surface of a court. They also provide the necessary maintenance to prolong the life of the tennis courts.

What Do Professional Tennis Court Resurfacing Companies Do? 
A professional tennis court resurfacing company ensures optimal playing conditions for its clients. Let’s look at what tennis court resurfacing companies do.


  • Resurfacing the Court

The most basic service offered by professional tennis court resurfacing companies is resurfacing the court. The task involves removing existing paint or sealer and then applying a new coat of sealer or paint.


  • Maintaining the Court

Professional tennis court resurfacing companies maintain your courts by performing regular inspections and repairs when necessary. During these inspections, they’ll check for potential hazards, such as cracks, uneven surfaces, and weeds growing between cracks.


  • Tennis Court Resurfacing Companies Installing New Courts

Finally, most professional tennis court resurfacing companies also offer the installation of new courts. They lay down a new base layer of material (such as concrete) and install drainage systems and fencing around the perimeter of the court(s).

They also paint lines on the surface according to official United States Tennis Association (USTA) standards. Depending on your budget and desired materials/features, these companies work with you to create custom solutions that best fit your needs.

How Often Should I Have My Court Professionally Resurfaced? 

The frequency of resurfacing your court depends on several factors, including usage rate, weather conditions, and wear-and-tear from players’ shoes and rackets.
Hardcourts should be resurfaced every two to three years, and clay courts every four to five years. However, these timelines are guidelines only. If you notice any wear or damage before, it’s best to contact a professional tennis court resurfacing company immediately.

Keep Your Tennis Courts in Top Condition

Professional tennis court resurfacing companies are invaluable for maintaining your tennis courts in top condition. Resurfacing works to keep your tennis court looking smooth, level, and free of cracks and other damage. Fill out this contact form if you are considering professional help for your tennis court resurfacing project.