With coronavirus becoming more a thing of the past each day, most people have been making great strides to return to normal life – including frequent visits to the local tennis courts. It’s great to see our neighbors getting out and being active but waiting your turn for a match can get old pretty quick. If you have the space for a private tennis court on your property, there’s never been a better time to install one.

The benefits of having your own court are endless and I’m sure you can think of several obvious ones yourself. Here are some ideas you might not have considered yet.

Another pandemic in the future is almost certain to happen. If it’s anything like this last one, being able to continue playing your favorite sport regardless of any lockdowns or social distancing mandates will be a huge relief. Your tennis court could become the neighborhood oasis. It’s also much safer overall to play on your own property.

The convenience of having a private court is unparalleled for those who want to hire an instructor and improve their game. Your coach can travel to you, on your schedule and your conditions. Your lessons will never be interrupted by other players and your time will be used very efficiently. Unexpected maintenance and generally bad experiences just simply won’t happen to you anymore.

There is also the premium you can affix to your property value with a tennis court on-site. Depending on where you live, you might see it go up by $100k or more.

At Taylor Tennis Courts, we know that having a recreational space where family and friends can gather for some friendly competition is priceless. Without any distractions or issues happening outside of your control, it’s reason enough to seriously think about getting a private tennis court of your own.