A backyard pickleball court might be just thing you need to help stay fit, keep your coordination up and enjoy a fun, uniquely challenging game that is perfect for the whole family. Pickleball is a lively and active sport that is very low impact, making it perfect for players of any age.

It is oddly addictive and certainly exhilarating and because of the way it works and impacts the body – or doesn’t impact the body, it can be played by seniors and children alike, making a pickleball court a perfect addition to the family home.

Some Fun Facts About Pickleball

Pickleball is a combination of badminton, tennis and ping pong that uses a ball that is filled with holes. Because of the wiffleball-like nature of the ball, there is very little velocity, and this means that picklers (players) are forced to apply strategy and coordination to the sport.

Pickleball is one of the most popular sports in the nation with an estimated 400, 000 people actively enjoying this game on a regular basis! That is another reason to consider your very own pickleball court as with so many people enjoying the game you never know who is going to come out of the woodwork and ask for an invite to your next home tournament!

It isn’t actually a new sport! While pickleball has been growing in popularity over the course of the past few years, it has actually been around since 1965! It was invented in Washington State by a few dads and their kids who were bored with summer break. Pickles was one of Dad’s beloved dogs and is where we get the name!

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