If you’re considering building a new tennis court, or perhaps you’d like to know how you can get more use out of your existing one, Taylor Tennis Courts highly recommend a pickleball court on tennis court installation. We can come to your court’s location and convert your space into a multi-game court where both activities can easily be played, or we will include the specifications for the two sports in the design and preparation of your new build.

A pickleball court is only approximately one-fourth of the size of a standard tennis court, so when we combine them, we just apply the court markings on top of the tennis court in a way that maintains the clarity and boundaries of both spaces. You’ll just need to acquire the necessary equipment for each activity, because those items are very different, and lower the net to 34” in the center for your pickleball games.

For safety reasons, you should always wear proper footwear when playing on your tennis court and the same shoes should be worn for pickleball as well. The side-to-side repetitive movements involved in these sports can lead to serious injuries to your feet, ankles, and knees if the wrong footwear is used. Your risk of slipping and falling is also much higher if your shoes are inadequate. Lastly, you want to make sure you’re not walking or playing in shoes that could damage the surface of your court. A standard pair of tennis shoes is sufficient to keep your lower body stabilized and extend the lifetime of your tennis and pickleball space.

Our team of experts at Taylor Tennis Courts would love to answer any questions you may have or discuss your interest in having a pickleball court on a tennis court constructed. Give us a call today!