Although Pickleball doesn’t have the following badminton or tennis has, it is fast becoming an exciting alternative for experts and novices alike. While pickleball has a small, low-impact court favorable to seniors, it can be a competitive and fast-paced game perfect for kids and teens as well. If you have space to construct a Pickleball court, you should hire professional pickleball court contractors like Taylor Tennis Courts.

With so many contractors to choose from, why should you give us a try?

Experienced court builders

Despite being small, pickleball court constructions require attention to detail similar to tennis courts. Taylor Tennis Courts has a skilled and experienced team that can build a pickleball residential court or multiple courts for recreational facilities. Our team will measure the available space and determine the best way to position the court and deliver beautiful, high-quality pickleball courts within a specified time and budget.

Start with the end in mind

You might think creating a court is just that, but it’s not. Taylor Tennis Courts starts their construction projects with the end in mind. Our goal is to ensure the court is playable in all seasons, so we build efficient drainage systems to keep water from pooling on the pickleball court. Moreover, we install walkways to the court add speaker and lighting systems to provide a better playing experience.

Consider the environment

Like any other construction, a court contractor must adhere to building codes and environmental concerns. Our experience gives us insight into proper planning and execution.

Get fun and safe courts for your space

Taylor Tennis Courts have built courts including pickleball, basketball, and courts for individuals, companies, and organizations. Aside from construction, we resurface all outdoor courts and offer excellent customer service to our clients.

Unlike most pickleball court contractors, we are focused on building attractive, accurate, safe, and fun courts. Call us on 800-558-3664 or fill a contact form for a free no-obligation consultation.