Pickleball Court Construction

Do you want a place to play the fastest growing sport in the United States in your backyard or sports club? When your sporting needs require pickleball court construction, the pros at Taylor Tennis Courts are ready to help. Our team is dedicated to providing you with long-lasting, reliable construction so you can enjoy America’s favorite “sweet sport with a sour name” the way it’s meant to be played.
The dimensions of a pickleball court are the same as a doubles badminton court: 20 feet by 44 feet. The same court is used for singles and doubles games in pickleball. Average net height for a standard game is 34 inches in the middle and goes up to 36 inches at the sidelines. A pickleball court is striped the same way as a tennis court so that you can expect left and right service courts and a 7-foot non-volley zone, also known as the “kitchen.” Because of the similarity in dimensions and structure, pre-existing tennis or badminton courts can easily be converted to pickleball courts.
Not only can our team build or convert your game court for pickleball, but we can resurface your court as needed. If you need fresh striping or want the latest materials to enhance shock absorption and ease of play, we can refurbish your court, so it’s good as new. Pickleball’s popularity is exploding, with as many as 2.5 million players currently in the US, and new courts being built in every state to accommodate the demand for this fun spin on classic racket sports like tennis and badminton.
Whether you need pickleball courts or tennis courts, or another type of game court, the experts at Taylor Tennis Courts can handle it for you. For more information or a free, no-obligation quote, call us today at (800) 558-3664 today.