Pickleball Court Construction That’s Made to LastHave you been considering upgrading your home or business with pickleball court construction? Taylor Tennis Courts is here to help. For four decades, this crew has worked with homeowners and business owners alike to provide them with game courts that serve the needs of the community. When you choose Taylor, you can expect a job that’s done right the first time.

Pickleball, the “sweet sport with a sour name,” is quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing sports in the country. Not only is it easy to learn and play, but the setup of the game allows for play on badminton courts. Other racket game courts can also be easily adapted to play pickleball. Today, millions of Americans enjoy this game that is easy to learn but challenging to master.

When Taylor builds your court, you can expect contractors that are conscientious about making sure your construction is top-quality and built to last. Everything from the concrete foundation, to vapor barriers, to the playing surface is carefully crafted to ensure comfortable playing speeds that hold up to the elements and years of play. If you have a pre-existing court, the Taylor team also offers resurfacing, so that you can get even more use out of your well-loved game courts.

Taylor can build a variety of other game courts for your play needs, including:

  • Tennis
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Shuffleboard
  • Roller hockey
  • Paddle tennis
  • Multi-game courts
  • And much more

When your home or business requires pickleball court construction, Taylor Tennis Courts is only a phone call away. For more information about our services or to get your free, no-obligation consultation, call our team today at (800) 558-3664.