There is certainly no shortage when it comes to the many benefits of owning and playing on a properly built and maintained tennis court! Tennis court resurfacing helps people of all sizes, shapes and ages to enjoy tennis and increase their aerobic capacity, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and improve reaction times.

That’s not to mention tennis is a social sport! Playing tennis helps to keep us connected – it helps to provide a sense of community and belonging. Oh, and it’s also a fun way to do it: plain and simple.

The unfortunate fact is that while we may love playing tennis year in and year out, that old tennis court starts to break down and show wear – bowing to the test of time while we serve the next round, often oblivious to the subtle cracks and lines until one day, we realize what has happened!

Those bright white lines, once brilliant against the color of the court become cracked and faded. The surface becomes worn and scuffed and you may find yourself more prone to slips and trips – maybe even deciding one day to stop playing as it is unsafe.

Don’t miss out on all of the benefits this wonderful sport and pastime have to offer just because that old tennis court needs work!

Taylor Tennis Courts are here to tell you that you can refurbish and reclaim the sport that brings so much connection – with ourselves and with others. We are a contractor that specializes in the installation, maintenance and repair of tennis courts and other kinds of game courts.

Our highly experienced team is passionate about what we do and would love nothing more than to assist you in getting that old tennis court fixed up for you and your loved ones to play again and enjoy all of the fun and health benefits that come with owning a quality court. Get in touch to learn more about tennis court resurfacing!