How to Paint the Concrete Coating for Basketball Court

Many people want to make their concrete-coated basketball court more attractive by painting logos or mascots in the middle court. Unfortunately, many people lose interest when they realize they don’t know how to paint the concrete coating for basketball court
Continue reading because this post will walk you through a step-by-step procedure for changing the colors of your basketball court’s concrete Coating.

Clean the Surface

Using a pressure washer, clean the entire area. If you don’t have access to a pressure washer, clean the area with a hose and a high-powered nozzle, and then sweep it with a broom. Before you start priming, make sure the surface is totally dry.
Cleaning is vital because dirt prevents the paint from adhering correctly to the concrete.

Prime the Entire Area

After the entire surface has dried sufficiently, use a clear concrete primer and extension rollers to prime the entire area (optional, though recommended). Always wear the necessary clothing, skin, and eye protection when priming. Allow enough time for the concrete to dry before prepping and painting it.

Choose Your Paint and paint the surface

Finally, choose your paint color. Because paint does not attach to concrete unless it’s a special sort, you’ll need to use an outside concrete paint. Other paints may be slippy, putting players on the court at risk of injury. You can paint your basketball court any color you like; however, most basketball courts are blue with white. You can paint whatever you want on the surface.

Paint Concrete Coating of Your Basketball Court Now

When the proper preparations are made, painting a concrete coating for a basketball court is relatively simple. Painting the basketball court and drawing the basketball court lines on the concrete will make your court look a lot more professional and enjoyable to play on. At Taylor Tennis Courts, we can paint your basketball court and turn it into a great location for a variety of games.