There are many signs your court is giving you that it is time to research tennis court resurfacing in Los Angeles. First and foremost, if you do not get regular maintenance done, it can make the time between resurfacing much shorter than the recommended four to eight years. Repairing small signs of wear and damage can go a long way towards extending the service life of your court. 

Signs you might see that indicate it is time to look into resurfacing include: 

  • Pooling water on your court rather than draining
  • Faded lines on the court
  • Cracks and damage to the substrate
  • Microbial growth on the court such as mold and mildew, which can consume the court material and make a small problem even worse
  • Slip and fall accidents

It is important to set up a maintenance schedule once your court gets resurfaced to ensure it remains in good shape for use and stays safe for users. 

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