When you are dreaming up your game court design for your property, tennis court contractors can help you make it into a reality. Our professional team can create a court design for you for both residential or commercial use. 

Since 1980, our team has created playing surfaces design to meet our clients’ safety and excellence needs. We always work to code. HOA rules and zoning laws are another part of the planning process when creating a game court. This can affect the type of surface and plans to avoid erosion and runoff. Issues with fencing and lighting need careful consideration. Bright lights make night games safe and fun; however, if the lights’ placement shines into your neighbor’s bedroom, there could be an issue. 

The amount of space to build on can determine the size and type of court you can have made on your property. Taylor Tennis Courts can help you measure from the property line and get the necessary figures to design a court on your property. 

Another consideration is the type of surface material used. The choice of a substrate can contribute to the longevity of the court. 

Have questions or need help? The folks at Taylor are more than happy to assist you.

Whether you want to resurface a pre-existing court or install a new one with the help of a home tennis court contractor, Taylor Tennis Courts are ready to get the job done right for you. Call (800) 558-3664 to get your no-obligation estimate.