When playing basketball, most people don’t think about the paint lines. They are just there. But proper striping is essential to any basketball court. Over time, any court’s stripes will fade. This is when you call in the professionals at Taylor’s Tennis Court. We understand basketball court construction, and we can give your court an uplift.

Happy Homeowners

Since 1980 we have been working with homeowners and giving them the game courts of their dreams. We provide game court installation and can even combine courts such as a basketball and tennis court combo. We can resurface and repair courts as well. Even if your basketball court doesn’t need to be repaired, it may need new striping. We can provide outdoor concrete basketball court paint that gives your basketball court a new life.

Lots of Option

Give us a call and discuss your game court options today. We install a variety of courts, including tennis, basketball, and pickleball. You can trust our professional basketball court construction. We guarantee our work. Call us today at (800) 558-3664. We offer a free no-obligation consultation, which then allows us to put together an estimate. This way you know upfront what is involved in your game court construction.