Does your home or business need tennis court construction in Southern California at fair and honest prices? Taylor Tennis Courts offers both quality and fairness. Our crew has built game courts, and tennis courts in particular, since 1980, and our family-owned and operated business seeks to serve the community with quality installation and resurfacing services that ensure that Californians can enjoy long-lasting game courts.

Benefits of a Home Tennis Court

  • Increased cardiovascular health. Cardio is crucial to healthy living, especially as you get older. The movement of your legs aids in circulating blood to your heart. What better way to stay fit than with an engaging sport like tennis?
  • Higher nutrient intake. More time in the sun means more vitamin D–an essential nutrient for maintaining your health.
  • Quality time with loved ones. Teaching your children or grandchildren is a beautiful way to bond with them and instill in them a love of sports and fitness. It’s also an excellent way to enjoy quality time outdoors without leaving your backyard.
  • Simple and easy to play. All you need to play tennis is a ball, a couple of rackets, and a surface to play it on. Our court surfaces can ensure that you enjoy top-quality surfacing with comfortable playing speeds for years to come.
  • Practice makes perfect. Whether your little ones like to play or you’re a lifelong fan of tennis, a backyard court is a perfect way to hone your skills.

When you need tennis court construction in Southern California, Taylor Tennis Courts is just a phone call away from assisting you. For more information about building a half- or full-court on your property or for your business, you can contact our team at (800) 558-3664.