Your yard can be a center for loads of fun with a multisports court. Your backyard will be the place everyone wants to gather. You could get a tennis court or basketball court installed, but why not doubles the fun? Taylor Tennis Courts offers multi use sport court construction that can design the perfect court for you.

Which Multisport Court is Right for You?

What does your family love playing? One of the most requested combos is the basketball – volleyball court. Do you want a pickleball and tennis court combo? We can do it! We work with your space and budget to give you the playing court you want. Here are some of our popular multi use sports courts:

  • Tennis & volleyball
  • Volleyball & ½ court basketball
  • Pickleball & paddle tennis
  • Tennis & ½ court basketball

We can also install roller hockey and shuffleboard courts. Give us a call at (800) 558-3664, and let us design the game court that is just right for your family. We specialize in multi use sport court construction and love helping families get the most out of their property. If you need tennis or basketball court resurfacing, we can do that too. Stay active and healthy with a game court you don’t have to travel to enjoy.