With activity limited during the past year, more people are taking to outdoor sports than ever before. Tennis, basketball, and soccer are all favorites, but one sport is growing at a rapid pace. Pickleball is fun for young and old. It is the latest rage, and if you haven’t tried it, you are missing out. Taylor Tennis Courts can convert a tennis court to pickleball courts if you have an existing court. We can install a pickleball court or make a multi-game court as well. You might consider a pickleball and basketball court or a tennis and pickleball court.

We Can Install Multi-Game Courts to Satisfy Everyone

Do you have a basketball and tennis lover? Is someone crazy about pickleball and shuffleboard? We can create a combination court that can satisfy all your family. Shuffleboard, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and more are available. We are experts at multi-game playing fields.

Tennis Court Installation Professionals

We have been installing tennis courts and other game courts for decades. We guarantee your satisfaction. If you are interested in a new court or want to convert a tennis court to pickleball courts, we can sit down with you and discuss your possibilities.