The game of Shuffleboard is over 500 years old. In fact, there is proof that King Henry the Eighth of England played and gambled on the outcome of a game of Shuffleboard. He prohibited commoners from playing this game he was fond of.

It is played with a cue or stick that sends a weighted disk sliding along a court to marked scoring zones on the playing surface. It can be played by two players or a small team. The game is low impact and can be enjoyed by all ages.

The court surface needs to be consistently smooth and flat to enable the unimpeded glide of the weighted disk. Your outdoor court must also be durable to withstand weather conditions, hot, cold and wet. The court does not need to be large and can fit into that unused strip of land in your backyard.

Let us design and engineer your backyard shuffleboard court. We will take care of all the details for you. Join the upper class and play shuffleboard. Give us a call, Taylor Tennis Courts for all your athletic court needs. We will give you value as well as quality.