Tennis is becoming a popular game by the day in America. Most youths are playing the game for competition or leisure. For one to play well without worries of injuries, the playing field must be safe. Taylor Tennis Courts inc. are family-owned tennis court builders in Southern California.

We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and personalized services. We have been able to stay in business because of our customer service, relationships, and referrals.

Our work starts from simple installations on the court to building the court from the ground up. We also do court resurfacing in case it is damaged. Our projects are for private residential areas, tennis and sports clubs, and municipalities. We also construct pickleball and basketball courts.

What Is Involved in Tennis Court Installation?
Before the actual construction can begin, the first consideration will be the location of the court and if there is enough space, usually 60’ by 120’ for a tennis court. According to municipal regulations popularly known as’ offset’, there must be some space between the court and the property line.

If you engage our services, we do the measurement, soil analysis, and engineering computations and give you the final quotation for the construction free of charge. No job is too big or too small for us. If you approve, we will immediately start the construction until we finish. You may want to landscape the area around the court as well.

Often, we encourage our customers to advocate for the construction of multi-purpose courts because they:

  • Can accommodate different groups at the same time
  • Reduce sport-related injuries since different body muscles are stimulated in the different games.
  • Promote safety. All anchor equipment is fitted on the foundation for safety.

We Do Tennis Court Resurfacing

A court can stay for a long period without being damaged. Cracks in the court can cause severe injuries to the player. The rate of wear depends on the frequency of use, the playing speed, and the weather conditions of the area. Resurfacing is done as a routine or preventive measure.

We always prioritize the physical fitness of all our staff. Games promote that, and that’s why we take court construction very seriously.

Games promote physical fitness and that’s why we prioritize the physical fitness of our staff and take court construction very seriously. Taylor Tennis Courts are the best tennis court builders, trust us with your next project, and we will not disappoint you.