Whether you’re an avid tennis player or a groundskeeper looking to restore the courts, you need to understand the basics of tennis court resurfacing Los Angeles. Knowing the different types of surfaces, the materials used, and how to care for them is essential.
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Types of Surfaces

When it comes to tennis court resurfacing in Los Angeles, there are a few different options. The most popular are hard court surfaces made with asphalt or concrete and clay courts made with brick dust and other materials.
Asphalt courts are more affordable because they require less maintenance than clay courts. However, clay courts provide a slower pace of play, giving players an advantage in competitive tournaments.

Materials Used When Tennis Court Resurfacing Los Angeles

The materials used for tennis court resurfacing vary depending on the surface installed. Asphalt courts typically use a combination of asphalt and acrylic paint.
On the other hand, clay courts use brick dust mixed with sand and other materials such as latex or acrylic paint.
In addition to these base materials, additives such as rubber crumbs or EPDM granules increase durability and better ball bounce performance.

Benefits of Tennis Court Resurfacing Los Angeles

Resurfacing a tennis court protects against wear and tear that comes with regular use over time. Therefore, your court remains safe for use.
Tennis court resurfacing also keeps up appearances; an attractive playing space will draw more people, thus increasing its value overall.
Finally, resurfacing the tennis court improves playing conditions by providing an even surface with appropriate traction and ball speed. That makes playing more enjoyable while enhancing performance among players who practice regularly.


Tennis court resurfacing in Los Angeles is a great way to get more out of your existing facility while ensuring that it remains safe for use over time. With proper maintenance and regular resurfacing whenever necessary, your court will stay attractive and playable for years. If you reside in Los Angeles and you feel interested in learning more about tennis court resurfacing services available near you, contact Taylor Tennis Courts today! We’d love to help bring your outdoor space back to its former glory.