Basketball – the game kids of all ages will play for hours. Even if you aren’t playing a full-blown game, it is fun to bounce the ball and shoot some hoops. Then there are tennis lovers. It is a vigorous game, and players hit the court anytime they can. But what if your family loves tennis and basketball? Most people cannot afford to have both courts installed, or so they think. Taylor Tennis Courts understands how much both games are enjoyed. We can install a tennis and basketball court combo that will make everyone happy.

Professional Combo Courts

If you want a basketball tennis court combo, we can build it. We have designed game courts for homes, private venues, and public play areas. Basketball and tennis aren’t the only combinations available. We do basketball and volleyball, pickleball and volleyball, and several others. It is easy to satisfy everyone’s tastes when it comes to sports.

Trust the Professionals

We have been installing game courts for a long time. Our staff will go over what
you want and then look at your property. We can help you decide the right place to locate your game court and which one is right for you. We are competitively priced and ready to go. Contact us today and get your tennis and basketball court installed today.