With plenty of space in your backyard, you can create an area where friends and family can enjoy lots of fun outdoor activities. The perfect way to do that is to allow Taylor Tennis Court to install a game court or combo court on your property. One of our most popular combinations is a volleyball – basketball court.

Pick Your Combo

Maybe your family loves playing on pickleball courts in Los Angeles, but you also like tennis. Not a problem; we can design a combination court that allows that. What a basketball and tennis combo? That is easy to do as well.

A Leader in the Game Court Construction Business

We can design any combination of game court you want:

  • Volleyball & ½ court basketball
  • Pickleball & paddle tennis
  • Tennis & volleyball
  • Tennis & ½ court basketball

We can do shuffleboard, roller hockey, and more. We can design a court that is specific to the space you have available and your budget. Call us today at (800) 558-3664 and let us show you how pickleball courts in Los Angeles are easy to install. Or let us design the court you want and make it happen.