If you have sports fans in your home but they play different games, choosing which type of court to have installed may seem impossible. But it does not have to be. At Taylor Tennis Court, we specialize in creating custom combination courts that can keep everybody happy. We have been in the tennis hard court construction business for over forty years. We know that the right combo setup can allow everyone to enjoy their favorite game.

Professionally Installed Combination Courts

We can install combination courts in your backyard once we look over the property and discuss what you want. We also install them in private institutions and for public use. If you enjoy racket sports such as tennis, they can easily be combined with pickleball and badminton. Tennis and basketball courts are one of our most requested combinations. Another favorite combo is basketball and volleyball.

Does Your Current Court Need a Facelift?

We can do an outdoor concrete basketball court. Paint new lines to freshen up your existing court and repair any problems. We can even convert an existing tennis court into a combination playing area. Contact Taylor Tennis Courts at (800) 558-3664 for more information on your backyard court installation today.