Keeping yourself in shape year-round isn’t always easy, but if you have the space and equipment to do some physical activities at home, it takes a lot less effort and time than going to the gym. In fact, anyone with a level driveway already has the foundation for their very own basketball half-court. Just give us a call at Taylor Tennis Courts and we can apply a few coats of concrete basketball court paint for you. Then just install a basketball net as a free-standing post or attached to an exterior wall, and you’ll be all set to shoot some hoops in any season.

If you’d prefer, you can also combine a half or full-size basketball court with the same space as your existing tennis court. Multi-use courts are an excellent way to use your available recreational space to its full potential. It also gives you more variety of things to do when entertaining guests – a game of tennis can accommodate up to 4 players, but basketball is suitable for up to 10. Most courts can seamlessly transform from one sport to another once you have your markings and nets in place.

Like tennis, basketball is a sport that engages all your muscle groups and is an excellent cardiovascular fitness activity. While it’s more strenuous than tennis, it’s still great fun for people of all skill levels and most ages. It’s important to note that in basketball you’re usually in close contact with the other players, and the movement can be fast-paced and unpredictable. It’s possible to be injured due to colliding with others, tripping and falling, or spraining an ankle or wrist. Therefore, if you have a serious health condition, it’s important to speak with your doctor about which sports are suitable for you to play.

If you’d like an expert opinion regarding concrete basketball court paint on your property, get in touch with us!