Choosing an Experienced Basketball Court ContractorDo you need a reliable basketball court contractor to handle your game court? Taylor Tennis Courts is here to help. For almost 40 years, our team has worked with clients all across the Southern California region to provide them with quality game court construction, resurfacing, and repair, and we are confident that we can do the same for you.

When it comes to basketball courts, mainly indoor courts, several layers must be established to create an effective game court surface. Most indoor courts that you’ll find have a concrete base with several layers put over it. Without layers of cushioning and vapor barriers, it would be much more challenging to play on and unable to stand up to the wear and tear of play.

Three factors make for a successful basketball court. These factors are:

  • Traction
  • Bounce
  • Durability

Courts with concrete bases provide smooth and consistent surfaces that are typically installed with a vapor barrier and sealant, as well as a rubber layer between the acrylic surfacing and the foundation to improve shock absorption. It is common to add a polyurethane finish over the acrylic surfacing to enhance an indoor court.

If you want an outdoor basketball court, the surface needs to be able to withstand extreme weather conditions as well as long-term exposure to moisture. Asphalt is a standard solution for outdoor play but can break down quickly over time, as well as chip and crack. The surface can be made smoother by mixing different rock blends into the asphalt. Weather sealants can help increase longevity and prepare the court for striping.

If you’re looking for a reliable basketball court contractor, Taylor Tennis Courts is ready to provide you the quality you’ve been looking for in your facilities. For more information about our game court services or to get your free, no-obligation estimate, call (800) 558-3664 today.