It’s almost the time of year that outdoor sports enthusiasts look forward to all winter – summer! With the weather warming up a bit, the school semester coming to an end, and spring cleaning on all of our minds, getting outside is a much-needed source of relief. California tennis courts will be heavily used in the coming months as this popular pastime heats up for the season.

Whether you’ve noticed lately that your tennis court needs some resurfacing love or perhaps you’ve been considering a new installation on your property, the experts at Taylor Tennis Courts are ready to provide you with a thorough assessment.

In general, a standard tennis court will need to be resurfaced every 5 to 10 years depending on how often it gets used and maintained. Resurfacing is necessary for safety reasons and also to prevent major repairs in the future. You might also want to consider having your court re-coated if you have substantial fading or cracking.

While we are lucky to enjoy mild weather and little rain in California, our outdoor spaces can still see a considerable drop in quality due to wear and tear or atmospheric conditions over time. If not properly cared for, your tennis court may need extensive work done. We recommend doing a monthly maintenance procedure yourself that includes checking for signs of mildew, mold, fungus, or other organic materials such as leaves and twigs, and promptly removing them. Inspect the court for cracks and surface damage and clean up any dirty areas.

If you’d like more peace of mind or to get an estimate for a new tennis court, our team at Taylor Tennis Courts is happy to come out to your property for an estimate. We are proud to be leading experts in the construction and maintenance of California tennis courts.